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spring is in the air

spring is in the air

sort of.

While it's technically spring, the weather has been less than cooperative. We had a stint about two weeks ago of beautiful sunshine and warm weather. I've been working on several outside projects. I've turned our side yard, the grass space between the road and the sidewalk into a landscaped area that will hopefully boast lots of colors and flowers when the plants and seeds spread out. 

Like the good PNW folks we are, we'd initially been mowing our lawn with a push mower, but when an acquaintance moved and offered us an electric mower we jumped at the chance for more power. It's great, except getting the three extension cords across our double lot and over our 5ft fence to mow that space was annoying, to say the least. So the grass is gone and plants and flowers are in -aka, no mowing.

When we bought our home almost three years ago we immediately knew we didn't want grass wasting the beautiful full-sun that was our front yard so we put in 6 raised beds and have been growing our vegetables for spring and summer ever since. This year we've started seeds indoors and over the weekend we transferred out the first veggie babies into the yard. The peas are handling the transfer well, the beans not so much. We'll see.

The thumbnail is from the first harvest of carrots and beets last year. They remind me that I should get the beets in soon. After the rain.

Planning for Spring