Welcome to my blog. I'll be documenting my life as a Pacific Northwest Black, Gay Jewish woman. I hope you'll stick around.

Also, don't be a jerk. No one likes jerks.


Last week I wrote and shared a piece I wrote ahead of MLK Day for the Lilith Blog. The post was shared a lot on social media (which is great) and it garnered a lot of comments (which wasn’t so great).

I knew that folks would have things to say. I knew that it would ruffle some feathers. I just forgot how brutal it can be out there. I took Black, Gay and Jewish down because of the bullying, harassment and threats I received daily for simply sharing my personal stories of the racism I experienced in my Jewish community. I also shared a bunch of stories that had nothing to do with race and racism, but the loud harsh voices overwhelmed the quiet voices of encouragement and I took it down.

Sharing experience, especially the experiences that are hard and hurtful takes a bit of vulnerability. There is a bit of release and even calm when the blog posts or I send copy to an editor. I’ve unloaded a lot of stuff off of my chest and that letting go is part of my healing process. So when my heart felt words of healing are met with accusation and name calling and threats and harassment it sort of jarring. I wish people could just listen and sit with feelings, but the blessing and curse of this sort of sharing is that feeling of release we get when we press send. It happens both ways, I realize. I just need to give myself some space to heal.

Take care of one another, y’all!

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