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Mir veln zey iberlebn!

Mir veln zey iberlebn!

Last week a white gunmen approached a predominantly black church, but the doors were locked. Instead, he made his way to a local Kroger grocery store and shot two older black people. Reportedly, he told a white person, “don’t worry. white people don’t shoot other whites.”

That same week several pipe bombs were mailed to prominent political figures including President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the actor Robert De Niro. The white man who mailed these bombs had regularly espoused hatred and vitriol for anyone working towards a more just country. He was a faithful follower of the person in the white house.

Last Shabbat 11 Jewish elders were killed while attending Saturday morning services that were welcoming into the covenant two new baby boys.

This week the city I pine for, the city I feel most at home, the city which may as well be a small Jewish country, Brooklyn, NY saw an uptick of antisemitic graffiti including in (IN!) the synagogue I davened almost monthly.

The last few weeks have been particularly exhausting for a lot of us. The rights and lives of trans folks are threatened. Black folks are still victimized and marginalized, as are all people of color in this country. And the Jewish community, as well as the Muslim community, have been threatened. Earlier this week I noted that I’m always tired. I am, after all, the most despised by this country. My black ancestors were brought here in chains at the bottom of slave ships. When their captors arrived, the land they brought us to had been stolen generations ago. My Jewish ancestors have been driven out of every country, we have known only hatred and mistrust. My queer ancestors died on the streets in riots and to this day are continually treated as second class citizens. My womyn ancestors, too, have never been properly treated with respect or equal in the eyes of men. Every cell in my body hums with the genetic tragedies of my peoples and every cell in my body screams that we will not submit. We will not be forgotten. We will not quietly sit and let these atrocities happen to our communities.

We will overcome.
We will outlive them.

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